C60 for Pets 100ml




C60 for Pets in 100ml

Each bottle of C60 for Pets contains a solution of 80 mg of cold stirred C60 fullerene in 100 ml of a blend of cod liver, salmon and flax seed oil, specially formulated for pets. All the constituent oils used are intended as health supplements for pets.

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Carbon 60 is a recently discovered pure carbon molecule made up of 60 carbon atoms in th­­­e shape of a soccer ball. It is naturally found in extremely tiny amounts in soot and charcoal but too little to be of any practical use. C60 is not activated charcoal which some attempt to pass off as the genuine thing. Manufacturing it requires specialist equipment, at high temperatures in a vacuum, all of which is time consuming and expensive. This has held back research and use of C60 but now it is more widely available we are finding some very promising benefits can come from taking this form of carbon.

To be absorbed into the body, C60 must be in solution. It is insoluble in water but does dissolve in oil. Interest took off in 2012 when it was discovered that C60 dissolved in olive oil given to Wistar rats increased their life spans by over 90%. Not only did it do that but none of the rats given C60 developed tumours, something Wistar rats are prone to. If this were not enough, C60 was also found to protect the rats against toxins and radiation. More trials have been carried out since then and a big plus for C60 is no side effects have ever been reported.

Here at C60 for Pets we have formulated a blend of oils especially for pets. C60 for Pets contains cod liver oil, high in vitamin A,D and E, along with salmon oil and flax seed oil, both high in omega-3 and 6. All the oils used are specifically produced as health supplements for cats and dogs. Some owners have reported to us that C60 for Pets is both well tolerated and produces remarkable benefits. They claim their pets appear to have gained relief from arthritis, have more vitality, better appetites and they appear to be generally happier. These claims are not presented as our own. The products and the information provided on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and no such claims should be construed


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